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Prof Sayoki Mfinanga Wins National Best Health Scientist Award

Prof Mfinanga has led high impact multi-centre clinical trials which have been incorporated into national and World Health Organisation in Africa(@WHOAFRO) and World Health Organisation in Tanzania (@WHO_Tanzania) guidelines. The awards have been presented at the 2nd Annual Joint Scientific Conference organised by the National Institute for Medical Research(@NIMRHQS). 

The main theme for 2022 AJSC is “A Multi sectoral Approach for Health: an Agenda for Health Systems Strengthening Towards Achieving Universal Health Coverage”. The theme is timely in Tanzania as the global health community reiterates that in order to achieve the universal health coverage, there is a need of strengthening the countries’ health systems while also improving coordination of Health System Strengthening efforts.

This year AJSC brought together various stakeholders to address and recommend solutions for major health challenges grouped into nine major subthemes, including but not limited to prevalent, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, traditional medicine, antimicrobial resistance, environmental health and climate change, non-communicable diseases , nutrition, reproductive, maternal, child and adolescent health. The conference also addresses new health innovations and technologies.


Prof Sayoki gets award

The National Institute for Medical Research is a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Health in Tanzania. It was established by NIMR ACT 1979(CAP.59) RE.2002. Its mandatory functions include undertaking, promoting, controlling, and coordinating health research of national interests. It is responsible for wider dissemination of health results and promotion of their utilization. NIMR has been organizing Annual Joint Scientific Conferences since 1982 where different stakeholders that include researchers, academicians, health managers, practitioners, graduate and postgraduate students, policy and decision makers, media and representatives of special groups share and discuss health research results, best practices and identify key health related areas that need immediate action.



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