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Uganda Virus Research Institute

EACCR2 Mid-Term Evaluation

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In accordance with the 2015 call for proposals and recommendations of the 1st Interim evaluation of the EDCTP Programme (2014- 2016), EDCTP commissioned an independent evaluation to assess EDCTP Regional Networks’ performance and impact. This independent assessment will produce a status report of the EDCTP Regional Networks and serve as input for informing future funding strategies and levels of such funding to the networks under EDCTP2.

This is an independent mid-term evaluation of the EACCR2 as EDCTP regional network 2017-2020 and its objectives are

• Assess the status of the project performance so far, including progress towards agreed deliverables, project management and the likelihood of successful completion
• Assess the results at outcome and impact level of the EACCR2 particularly its capacity to conduct clinical research and trials according to ICH-GCP standards
• Review any other project relevant documentation such as training programmes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Inspection Reports from Health Authorities and any audits conducted at any of the participating
• Review the relevance of the networks to emerging regional priorities and engagement with other networks and consortia with or without EDCTP funding

Prof Hassen Ghannem MD, MSc on behalf of EDCTP will conduct this Mid-term evaluation

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