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Senait Tadesse Bekele
PhD Scholarship Awardee (Ethiopia)
Contact Info
B.Sc in Medical laboratory technology (Jimma University)
Masters in Public Health (Joint program of GAMPY and Bahir Dar University)
M.Sc in Medical Microbiology (Gondar University)

Senait Tadesse is an assistant professor of medical microbiology in Bahir Dar University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences. She specialization in Master of Public Health and medical microbiology and is responsible for teaching post and undergraduate students around four years alongside with leading microbiology unit. She publishes and reviews different articles a in varies reputable journals. She has also worked in different health institutions as laboratory technologist and medical microbiologist for around five years. Senait is an energetic person in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and diligent energy to inspire others to work hard and succeed. Senait is inspired daily by her husband and their son. In her free time, Senait likes to watch films, comedies and reading religious books.

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