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  • Reciprocal Monitoring Scheme Training For Scientists

    The Monitoring Training course was held at Uganda Virus Research Institute- International AIDS Vaccine Initiative premises. It aimed at equipping participants with comprehensive insights into effective monitoring practices within the context of clinical research. The course was designed to equip attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the quality, integrity, and compliance of clinical trials. The course provided a comprehensive understanding of monitoring techniques, tools, and strategies for various studies and projects.


    The global community has failed to reduce the rate of infection among teenagers at the same rate as infection among adults despite Fast-Track targets to terminate the AIDS epidemic by 2030. In actuality, the rate of progress is three times slower. AIDS is the number one killer of people in this age range in several regions of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa (UNICEF 2019).

  • EDCTP Funded Trial Could Be ‘The Last Roll of the Dice’ for an HIV Vaccine this Decade

    A novel trial that has been described as "the last roll of the dice" for a generation of HIV vaccines has entered its latter stages.

    Called PrEPVacc, the trial is testing two vaccines alongside two forms of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to test vaccine efficacy while offering protection to prevent the spread of HIV.

    African-led and coordinated out of Entebbe, Uganda, with international support, its success could mark the start of a new phase of vaccine development. Should it fail, it could also see immunologists give up on a generation of vaccines.

  • Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Symposium: Announcing The First Speaker!

    This year’s Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Symposium is Professor Sharifah Sekalala who will talk about ‘An Analysis of Legal Issues Relating to Digital Health Surveillance and Innovation’.

  • UVRI Conducts Protocol Training on MACK Study.

    A team of scientists from Uganda Virus Research Institute(UVRI) led by Dr Benjamin Watyaba and Saidat Namuli conducted training on 16th -17th August 2023 at the AIDS Support Organization TASO-Jinja in Uganda