St. Raphael of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya

Research activities: Long standing interest in research especially in H.I.V Hospital has been involved in research in the area of:

1)     Mother to child transmission of H.I.V.

2)     Microbicide trials all these are completed.

Ongoing research projects:

1)     Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in HIV exposed children.

2)     Coartem for intermittent preventive therapy.

3)     HPV and cervical cancer screening.

4)     2nd line treatment of H.I.V. we are involved in (EACCR) East Africa Consortium for Clinical Research. To further develop our research capacity by collaborative with other institutions on projects of mutual interest and networking with other better developed centers to ensure we develop research capacity in Nsambya further through training and exchange visits.

We are developing a separate research department we have our own IRB which is accredited with Uganda national Council of Science Technology (U.N.C.S.T).

We are exploring further projects in viral oncology.


Doctor examining a patient in a CT Scan


Doctors having a meeting at CME


Nurse taking care of a patient at St Patrick Ward

St.Raphael of St.Francis Hospital Nsambya


St. Raphael of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya
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