HIV Research Branch (KEMRI/CDC)

HIV Research Branch is one of many branches within KEMRI/CDC. Our research focuses include:

  • Kisumu incidence cohort study (KICoS): adult, adolescent, and high risk HIV incidence cohorts.  Aim: To estimate incidence of HIV among adolescents and adults in Kisumu, western Kenya and to determine successful recruitment and retention strategies to prepare for future community-based efficacy trials of biomedical interventions to prevent HIV infection.  Status = follow-up ongoing
  • Kisumu breastfeeding study (KiBS) I & II:

KiBS1 aim: using highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to maximally suppress maternal viral load from the late antenatal period through the first 6 months of breastfeeding.  Status = completed.  Finding: Regimen was feasible, well tolerated, safe, and achieved a lower transmission rate compared to other PMTCT regimens. evaluated among breastfeeding mothers in resource-limited settings. 

KiBS2 aim: to assess HIV treatment outcomes among women with past exposure to prolonged ART for PMTCT vs. short-course or monotherapy PMTCT vs. pregnancy without PMTCT. Status = enrolling

  • HIV Prevention Trials Network Study 052 (HPTN052): A multi-country randomized clinical trial of early antiretroviral therapy to prevent sexual transmission of HIV within discordant couples.  We are certified as a National Institutes of Health Clinical Trial Unit with a rurally-located Clinical Research Site for the performance of this study.  Status = follow-up ongoing
  • New studies are in progress regarding: rural HIV incidence and risk behaviors, HIV incidence in pregnancy, implementation of PMTCT and family planning, laboratory-focused research on HIV sero-converter sample panels for improved drug resistance testing and incidence testing tools. 
  • The backbone of study activities within KEMRI-CDC is our Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) which is a part of INDEPTH and the ALPHA network (HIV-focused). 
  • SANAS accredited HIV Research Laboratory supports all of these activities and more

KEMRI/CDC HIV Research Branch hopes to gain from collaboration with EACCR in the following areas:

  • To be an HIV training center of excellence for E. Africa and to increase internship training for graduate students and post graduate student both national and international
  • To focus on Human capacity development, especially in research technical skills such as quality management/auditing/trial monitoring, protocol development, scientific writing, and laboratory skills.
  • To identify potential collaborative research projects and analyses with partners in EACCR. 


HIV Research Branch (KEMRI/CDC)
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