The structure of EACCR consists of essential operational or implementing units called 'Nodes'. Currently, there are four nodes coordinated by their committees. These constitute the Implementation Committee which is chaired by the Overall Project Coordinator. Click on the specific node links below for more information.



The aim for the HIV Node is to strengthen capacity and networking in the East African region in the conduct of best practices and clinical trials on HIV/AIDS amongst partner institutions.


The node's main aim is to build capacity in TB clinical research and operational links and affiliations among East African Regional Institutions working to improve the TB research.

The Malaria node’s main goals are to integrate efforts to strengthen research capacity, network amongst partners, facilitate EDCTP’s vision to control Malaria and provide development support to junior trial sites.

The main aim for the Training node is to generate knowledge by conducting evidence-based high quality research that will help to promote better health in the society and influence government health policy.