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  • My Data Management Training Experience

    As part of capacity building program activities in the EACCR2 network, the data management workshop was held on the 28th to 31st of August 2019 in Kisumu, Kenya. The workshop was hosted by the Kenya Medical Research Institute, Centre for Global Health Research (KEMRI, CGHR) based in Kisumu and delivered by Bryan Nyawanda, Sammy Khagayi and Marion Sumari-de Boer.

  • EACCR2 Mid-Term Review Week

    EDCTP commissioned an independent evaluation to assess EDCTP Regional Networks’ (NoEs) performance and impact. The EACCR2 is one of the four NoEs, and was evaluated between the 14th and 16th August 2019. The objective of the Mid-term review was to assess the status of the project performance so far, including progress towards agreed deliverables, project management and the likelihood of successful completion.

  • President Museveni set to visit the Uganda Virus Research Institute

    The President of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is set to visit the Uganda Virus Research Institute for launch of the Insectary building on the 29th, July, 2019.

  • Website training Happenning Now

    This is a training for the EACCR2 website

  • A 10-day practical course: Strengthening Laboratory capacity for diagnosis of neglected Tropical Diseases

    The Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) (, in Pemba, Zanzibar,United Republic of Tanzania, has been a WHO Collaborating Centre for neglected tropical diseases(NTDs) since 2005. It operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Health, Zanzibar.PHL-IdC’s activities include assisting relevant health programmes to implement disease controlstrategies, undertaking operational research and strengthening capacities of health staff. It alsoprovides the local population with routine services for selected laboratory tests.