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  • Soulsby Foundation 2022 Fellowships in One Health - call for applications

    About the Call

    The Soulsby Foundation recognises the importance of linking human health with animal health as well as the underlying social, structural, economic and environmental factors that determine health and well-being outcomes around the globe. As human populations grow, we live in closer contact with animals giving more opportunities for diseases to spread.

  • Today is World AIDS DAY 2021

    HIV remains a major public health issue that affects millions of people worldwide.

    Although the world has made significant progress in recent decades,  important global targets for 2020 were not met.

    Division, disparity and disregard for human rights are among the failures that allowed HIV to become and remain a global health crisis. Now, COVID-19 is exacerbating inequities and disruptions to services,  making the lives of many people living with HIV more challenging.

  • Webinar Series: “Community Engagement within Research Uptake”

    If research is to deliver its maximum impact and positively change health outcomes, findings from health research should be translated into recommendations that are relevant to communities and can be implemented within policy and practice. Currently, there is a wide separation between teams that undertake health research, those making decisions on health priorities and policies, and those who are delivering healthcare and pushing social change, particularly in resource-limited settings.


    A successful HIV response requires increased contribution to the research efforts by those countries and regions that are hardest hit by the epidemic. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region most severely affected, with 25 million adults and children living with HIV and AIDS. The contribution of multiple sectors in different countries in Africa to the HIV response cannot be understated.

  • The Tenth EDCTP Forum call for abstracts (oral and poster presentations)

    The EDCTP Forum is a biennial event that provides an international platform for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge research addressing the burden of poverty-related infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa and the capacity development and networking activities that support this goal.

    The EDCTP Forum attracts a diverse audience, including representatives from research institutions and universities, the larger scientific community, health care providers, governments, regional bodies, regulators, civil society, and public and private research and development partners.