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A 10-day practical course: Strengthening Laboratory capacity for diagnosis of neglected Tropical Diseases

The Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) (, in Pemba, Zanzibar,United Republic of Tanzania, has been a WHO Collaborating Centre for neglected tropical diseases(NTDs) since 2005. It operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Health, Zanzibar.PHL-IdC’s activities include assisting relevant health programmes to implement disease controlstrategies, undertaking operational research and strengthening capacities of health staff. It alsoprovides the local population with routine services for selected laboratory tests.

To date, PHL-IdC has been actively involved in organizing various international training courses and workshops in tropical medicine and global health. In order to enhance the capacity of laboratory personnel on the diagnosis of selected NTDs, including providing a leadership role in research and monitoring & evaluation of infectious disease programmes,PHL-IdC – in collaboration with the Ivo de Carneri Foundation ( and support from the World Health Organization ( – is organizing a training© WHOcourse on diagnosis of schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminthiases, lymphatic filariasis, leprosy, dengue fever,rabies and diarrhoeal diseases, with a focus on good laboratory practice (GLP), notably quality assurance (QA),quality control (QC) and adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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